MidKent Allotment Project

HIPS is funding the creation of an allotment at MidKent College. It is designed to give students with learning disabilities an outdoor sensory space where they can find calm whilst learning horticulture skills.

The college is using students from Construction and Multi Trades courses to build the allotment. This gives the construction students experience of building this kind of outdoor space, helps them to feel a part of the college community and gives them the chance to connect with the students with learning disabilities.

The allotment will include a shed to store all of the planting materials, gardening tools and equipment, one raised bed surrounded by paving for ease of access to the area and, extending the paving down to a larger planting area. To prepare for the allotment the area has been completely cleared and the shed installed. The main project kick off will begin when the students return to college in September.