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Abbeycourt School, Strood, Kent 21st December 2016

Julie and Charlie were very happy to visit Abbeycourt School on the 21st December to present the children with an early Christmas present of four specially made handbikes. The bikes were selected in a range of sizes to suit children of all ages who have problems with mobility and use of their lower limbs. The TRI-LO hand propelled tricycles have been designed specifically to provide mobility, fun therapy and independence for children.  Appealing to children of all ages, special attention has been placed upon designing the TRI-LO so that it combines the excitement of cycling with the independence of mobility to provide hours of fun activity.

Julie and Charlie also enjoyed a tour of the school and had the pleasure of meeting some of the students. They were given a warm welcome and were invited to join the students for a lovely afternoon of Christmas carols. Lots of singing and lots of fun were on the agenda!

Julie and Charlie asked staff if the school council, which is made of students from all year groups, would like to discuss and vote for additional playground equipment for their new premises due to open in a year. The idea was warmly received, so we all look forward to meeting again soon and making plans to make the students’ votes a reality.

HIPS exists to provide fun and social times for children with complex needs, and would like to thank all of its volunteers and supporters for their consistent and generous help.