hipsHips was started in 1990 as a support group for the people of Medway who have children with congenital orthopaedic problems. Since its inception it has developed to provide support and social activities for children and their families near to their home.

In 2015 HIPS was re-launched with the Charities Commission as a charity to support children with complex needs in the same way. These children often find it difficult to socialise outside of school based activities and struggle to find events that all the family can enjoy. This is where HIPS steps in!

The HIPS group is now in its infancy under our newly expanded remit, and so we are actively approaching local schools and associations for disabled children to offer our support to both the children and parents. Please contact us if you would like to be involved. All are welcome!







Lordswood Sports and Social Club


Julie is the current Chairman of HIPS and has been a HIPS member since 1990, and a trustee since 1996. Her own three children and her family all required help from the charity and were her inspiration to help others achieve the same level of social life and understanding as she experienced form group membership. ˜HIPS has been a large part of my life, and I hope to continue the group from the strong foundation that the original HIPS members have built.

Dr Julie Peet is also well known academic and lecturer at MidKent College and the University of Kent, and is involved in teaching and support for students and other local support groups.

Nick is our trusted financial administrator and is a Chartered Accountant who ensures that our financial stability is strong and provides budgets for HIPS activities. As a trustee, he is also a proactive voice in the direction and running of HIPS, and was a main instigator of fundraising events such as our local Cricket and Rugby fund raising activities.

Martin is a dedicated trustee and supporter of HIPS, and has been the main organiser of HIPS activities. He uses his company directorship experience to direct, advise, organise, and generate finances for HIPS. As a life-long sportsman and dedicated community worker he strives to ensure that all can be included in HIPS fundraising activities and that members can share the best experiences possible in our events.

Charlie is a steadfast trustee and supporter of all HIPS activities and involves himself in event running. He enthusiastically takes part in sporting activities as well as socialising with all who are involved as trustees, organisers, and members.

Matt is our youngest trustee at just 18 years old, and brings his enthusiasm, youth and dedication to the groups activities. He ensures that the young persons voice is heard and liaises with members to ensure that their wishes are at the forefront of our interests.

Jonjo is a recent law graduate at the University of Kent, and is now studying his Masters degree. He is a disabled young man himself and he is an important advisor to HIPS organisers and trustees on geography, facilities and activities for our group members. He is also interested in advocacy for disabled people, and disabled peoples rights and offers experience and knowledge for our membership. Jonjo also instigated our social media presence through facebook and twitter.

Lordswood Sports and Social Club (LSSC) has been a supporter of the HIPS group throughout the last year. LSSC has donated room for the group to meet and utilise the facilities, and being involved in organising sports events, such as our summer Cricket Charity Day and inaugural and annual Boxing Day Men vs Ladies Rugby Match. LSSC Staff and Committee alike have our undying gratitude for their support and advice.

Neil is our trusted web site designer, who is an avid supporter of the charity, as well as our unsung hero behind the scenes. He donates his time and expertise in presenting and developing HIPS online presence

Lordswood Sports and Social Club


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